Apartat internacional
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As part of the foreign policy of the Government of Catalonia, the Ministry of Culture takes an active role in achieving four objectives:

1. Internationalisation of Catalan culture

Foster the external promotion of Catalan creation and culture, moving forward simultaneously in two complementary courses of action:

  • Opening new horizons for creative talent emerging in Catalonia. The Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies (ICEC) promotes the internationalisation of Catalan cultural businesses by supporting their dissemination, distribution, promotion and networking.
  • Publicising Catalan culture around the world. The Ramon Llull Institute (IRL) promotes knowledge of Catalan language and culture abroad 


2. International relations

Develop and nurture the bilateral and multilateral relations that the Ministry of Culture establishes with the governments and institutions of the regions and countries considered to be priorities. 


3. Foreign funding

Identify opportunities to access international funding sources, especially European Union programmes, and help towards obtaining this financing.


4. International discussions

Follow, publicise and take part in specific international discussions that are of interest to the Ministry of Culture and the Catalan cultural sector.

Update:  21.01.2016